Painting Over Collage – Female Face

The last of the “catch up” Life Book lessons I tackled was a lesson by Tamara Laporte entitled Layers of You.  I actually had to watch the videos in five different sessions because of time constraints and interruptions.  The great thing about the actual creation, however, was that it lent itself to being broken down into chunks so that I could work on it over a few days.

The lesson involved constructing a collage that would become the scaffolding of the painting.  Part of the collage was to be a face, perhaps a torso and limbs, clipped from a magazine which would then underpin the creation of a figure in the painting.  Annoyingly, despite using good quality gel medium and a decent layer of clear gesso, my collage layer did bubble a little once I started adding the paint layer.  However, I really enjoyed the methodolgy of the lesson.  I just need to practice applying it a bit better.  We were encouraged to take a photo of the collage layer to use as reference so I shall  share that stage here so you can see what the foundation of my painting looked like.

Week 28 - Paint Over Collage - Collage Layer

I have been working in cool hues a lot lately – I am sure you have noted a preponderance of blue – so I deliberately decided to change things up for this lesson.  It is the height of summer here so I opted for a summery palette of bright yellow, oranges, reds and a splash of violet.  As you can see, I stuck quite closely to the facial shape and bone structure of the model in the collaged advert but I completely changed her hair.  I had initially planned on working with the original short crop but I felt the composition needed that sweep of violet to create a stronger division between the background and the little bit of torso area.  In Tamara Laporte’s video, she filled the background with all sorts of text, doodles and whimsical details.  That approach didn’t feel right for me, not for this piece at least, so I pondered what to do with the background to give it a bit more oomph.  Following discussions with some artist friends, I decided to go with spatters of yellow, red and violet paint.

I am really quite pleased with how this painting turned out but I will definitely have to avoid the bubbling problem when I try this paint over collage technique again.

Week 28 - Paint Over Collage - Finished Piece

6 thoughts on “Painting Over Collage – Female Face

  1. Wow! Laura, this came out beautiful! I love your color choices and the portrait is very well done. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun in LifeBook. I still have lessons from the first run of it two years ago (? 3 years?) that I haven’t even touched myself. A great value for the money in terms of content and skills that’s for sure.

    • Thank you, Patricia. I appreciate your feedback. Because I’m still new to mixed media and have to develop the relevant skills, the diversity that Life Book offers is perfect for me. I’m really enjoying it.

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