Ink Drawing Over Collage

Finally I am all caught up with Documented Life Project prompts!  This week was the last under the umbrella theme of ephemera.  The prompts were “real life” and “at this moment”.  I decided to utilise the latter phrase as an opportunity to practise working more intuitively.

Ephemera lends itself to collage so – without putting much thought into it – I grabbed at some bits and pieces that were on my art table (AKA my kitchen table).  Happily, I have been working in blue colour schemes a lot lately so it was easy to create a uniform palette on the page.  Once all the scraps and postage stamps were glued down, I used ink and wash to paint a female face on top of the collage, again not giving myself any time to get caught up inside my head and work more intuitively.

Week 30 - Ephemera - At This Moment

Done and dusted in no time at all and all caught up on DLP prompts.  Phew.

7 thoughts on “Ink Drawing Over Collage

  1. She is beautiful and really popped out of the monochromatic background. I am always in awe at people who can “understand” collage making. Collage and I don’t see eye to eye that is why I seldom experiment with it.

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