The White Rabbit

The next Documented Life Project I tackled was to involve layering while maintaining a focal point and the phrase was “Time Keeps on Ticking”.  I immediately thought of the White Rabbit from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’.  Obviously the “time” element of the prompt was the major part of that but I think it was also partly because, like the White Rabbit, I am flustered and chasing my tail trying to catch up with all the things that need to be done since returning from our month long vacation.  Plus I am neurotic about punctuality.  Plus I have a bit of an obsession with drawing bunnies.

I used an ink wash for the background.  Annoyingly, some spray ink from the other side of the page leaked through onto the page, thus creating a muckle purple stain on the page.  I did not freak out.  I accepted it.  But I am still a wee bit annoyed.  The layering is all in the construction of the rabbit: he is card with book pages collaged onto him to create his clothes.  The rabbit’s pocket watch is made from a tag and a photo of a clock from a magazine.  I attached the watch to the rabbit’s pocket using some gold thread so that it dangles.  There was a lot of negative space left on the page so I filled it with the phrase, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”.

Week 28 - Time Keeps On Ticking

2 thoughts on “The White Rabbit

  1. Aww I want to hug your rabbit! Everything in your page coordinates with each other , even that purple stain on top. The stain gives the right amount of contrast to the bunny’s red coat. Your whimsical type-setting is also very cute. 🙂

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