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When we took our return trip back to Britain, I had neither the suitcase space nor the time to work on any of my art projects so everything had to go on hiatus and I had to accept that I would fall behind with both the Documented Life Project art journal prompts and Life Book.  And by “accept” I mean “come to terms with” because I am, you might recall, a control freak and schedules matter very much to me.  Consequently I have had a lot of catching up to do.  I was surprised by how much more balanced and content I felt when I opened my art journal after a month’s absence and started scribbling away.  I really do need art in my life.

This page was created in response to the Documented Life Project’s travel journaling prompt to use photos and words.  I don’t really enjoy expressing myself in words in my art journal for whatever reason so I chose to focus more on the phrase prompt for that week which was “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Picture with no words it was.

Since the overarching theme was travel journaling and I had just returned from my vacation, I selected a favourite photo from our trip.  The photo was taken in Kilmartin Glen*, very near where we used to live, and I have been taking photos of my kiddliwinks against that same standing stone since they were able to stand.  I could actually collate every one of those photos to chart their growth.  It was, therefore, really great to be back there so I was more than happy to use this photo of that special moment as the basis of my journal page.

The background of the page was created with Inktense blocks washed on and then scrubbed off a little to create texture.  The washi tape was intended to provide some contrast and it also features little travel motifs which seemed apt.

Week 26 - Pictures & Words

My 6 year old was journaling alongside me and is happy for his page to be shared too.  He wanted to use the same photo and felt privileged to use Mummy’s Inktense blocks too.  He used crayon to draw a castle as a frame to the photo because we visited Carnasserie Castle** on the same day.  I love how his page turned out.

Week 26 - A

Week 26 - Pictures and Words - Arlo


*A blog post about our visit to Kilmartin Glen will appear here soon.
** A blog post about Carnasserie Castle will also follow soon.


4 thoughts on “Photograph Art Journal Page

  1. This is wonderful Laura–I love that your son wanted to journal right along with you. I wonder if he’ll want to continue the process over the rest of summer:-)

    • My two youngest sons often join in with art journaling – and have their own journals – but they don’t always agree to let me share photos of their work online. We are all, however, working on a History of Art creative project this summer (posts will follow in due course) so it is fun to all be getting paint splattered and inspired together.

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