Intuitive Watercolour Face

This week’s Life Book lesson was a tutorial by Juliette Crane.  She had been the tutor back in March when I produced a painting of a flying pig in response to her lesson about intuitive, loose mark making.  This bonus lesson was on the same topic but with the intention to create a face rather than a whimsical animal.

I had used acrylic alone for the flying pig so this time I chose to use watercolour alone.  Not very mixed media, I know.  It was interesting to compare how I fared with both lessons as I was definitely much looser this time.  Knowing I was aiming for a face, I blocked out part of the paper with a rough flesh tone but otherwise I just loaded my brush with colours on a whim, no thought-process, just instinct.  Usually with watercolour, I do at least a very basic pencil sketch before filling in the colour.  This time, however, I just sploshed the pigment around, letting in bleed and splatter and mix on the page.

I didn’t give much thought to the face when it came to it either which unfortunately meant that the proportions went a bit awry.  I was not aiming for anything approaching realism anyway, more of an illustration of a face, but the components still had to work together to create something harmonious and I am not convinced that I achieved that.  Even the rosy circles on the cheeks cannot distract from the fact that the face is wonky.

Week 24 - Intuitive Watercolour Face

I may not be pleased with the look of the face and I am not completely convinced that this is my style but I definitely enjoyed the loose mark making and being so free with the watercolour.  I am pleased that little by little I am becoming less rigid with my art.

4 thoughts on “Intuitive Watercolour Face

  1. You handled those watercolors well. It was nice to know that you consciously let loose some of that firm hold on this portrait. I can definitely see that you really had so much fun and was more relaxed.

    • Thank you very much. I’m not overly pleased with this as a painting of a face (it reinforces that I really need some sketching scaffolding) but I was pleased with the colours and the mark making with the watercolour.

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