Say Cheese!

The theme of the Documented Life Project’s prompts continues to be texture.  This past week it was suggested that we  utilise cheesecloth in our art journals.  As I have both declared and demonstrated a few times before in my art journal posts, textiles and I do not really see eye to eye.  I, therefore, decided to completely ignore the cheesecloth prompt and focus instead on the phrase prompt which was “say cheese”.

Initially I thought about cheesy grins and was going to create something around the idea of the Cheshire Cat.  However – not having time to even start the page for several days – I mulled it over for a bit and gradually I was just focusing on the word “cheese”.  I am a complete cheesaholic who also happens to be lactose intolerant.  Somehow the cheese becoming forbidden fruit has just made me more obsessive about it.  I guess that makes me a cheese addict.  I gave up all other dairy many years ago (with the exception of clotted cream when I can get it) but I just cannot give up cheese.

My page, therefore, is a rapid watercolour sketch of some of my favourite British cheeses – the ones I miss most – along with some figs and a cheese knife just to fill in some of the space and provide a bit of contrast.  Quick and simple.

Week 21 - Say Cheese


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