Cupcake – A lot on my plate

This week’s Documented Life Project prompts were to use a gelli plate and the phrase “a lot on my plate”.  As much as it would have been fun to try something new or experimental with my gelli plate in response to the prompts, I had to be a realist and I knew that this week I did not have time for playing around with my gelli plate.  I, therefore, decided to use gelli prints I already have.  I mainly use the gelli plate to create papers for collaging so I have a bunch of them all filed away in my colour-coded filing system.  That was what I pillaged for this week’s challenge.  It was then just a case of waiting for inspiration as to what to do with all the papers.

The phrase “a lot on my plate” has mainly negative connotations.  It conjures up feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, harassed and stressed.  I know a lot of people do use their art journals as a means of processing negative emotions but I like to mess around in mine in order to have fun.  I did not, therefore, want to document anything regarding the hectic chaos of my life.  So I changed the focus of my thinking from “lot” to “plate”.  Food was the route into an idea.  And then I had a lunch of scones, clotted cream and jam with a friend and I decided that my subject for my DLP page would be sweet-toothed indulgence.

A scone with clotted cream and jam and an accompanying pot of tea was going to be too time-consuming to collage – I had about 20 minutes in which to create this page as I was constructing it while cooking dinner – so I decided to create a large cupcake instead.  I plucked a few gelli print plates from my file box and freehand cut the shapes I needed.  I glued them together as I went and then glued the whole thing onto the journal page.  I finished off by writing the prompt phrase across the page to eradicate some of the white space.

Week 16 - Gelli Plate & A Lot on my Plate


4 thoughts on “Cupcake – A lot on my plate

    • Thanks, Carrie Lynn. I’m glad I had that stash of prints otherwise I would have skipped that week entirely. I used up my art time for the Life Book lesson so I had no time for a more complex or original approach to the DLP prompt.

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