Onions Still Life

I took a completely left field approach to this week’s Documented Life Project prompts.  One prompt was to use acrylic paint and the other prompt was the song lyric “cry me a river”.  I thought about crying, about emotional upset, and then I thought about rivers and streams.  Nothing inspired me.  Then I thought more broadly about things that make me cry and I thought of onions.  I have not drawn a still life for many years and I have not painted a still life for even longer so this seemed like the perfect time to have a quick practice in my art journal.  I gave myself ten minutes and this was the result.  I think I need to practice my still life skills.

Week 15 - Acrylics & Cry Me A River


12 thoughts on “Onions Still Life

    • Thank you. It’s a bit wonky. I think it would have benefited from me sketching in pencil first. However, my art journal is a place where I work quickly and experiment with new things so that wonkiness is fine.

      • I don’t really know how to draw other than faces which I have been into since July last year and still struggling with. But you are inspiring me to do still life. Maybe one of these days I might get on that 🙂

      • You should try it! I prefer drawing people and animals – and I really don’t like landscape – but I think I will try some more still life drawings. My art teacher at school used to get us to do a quick pencil or charcoal study at least once a week so maybe that is what I should do.

      • Oh you are so blessed with a good art teacher. My art teacher made us practice hand stitching and doing bags. Unfortunately, I didn’t like doing those things as I tend to prick myself with the needle often.

      • Oh I can turn the sky blue with cursing when sewing. I am rubbish at it and do not enjoy it in the least. I sew just in order to repair clothes and hem things. I remember doing embroidery at school and feeling like a human pin cushion.

    • Thank you very much. Still life is not really my thing but it is good to keep trying things that are not inherently my thing if only as a reminder that I should stick with what I am good at. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

      • It looks to me like you’re good at doing still lifes! I know how you feel though.. I find them pretty difficult myself.. The fruit drawings I have done recently is a rare exception of doing everything from photo references, so i suppose it’s good to get a little outside of ones comfort zone!

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