A Very Bacon Birthday

Yesterday our oldest son turned 12.  It is astonishing to us as his parents how a dozen years could have passed already but they have and we now have a mere year in which to brace ourselves for becoming the parents of a teenager.  His presents included some Funko Pop figures to add to his collection, an ‘Adventure Time’ version of monopoly, a pop-up book of Poe stories, some video recording software and a whole bunch of bacon themed items because he has recently become fanatical about bacon.

Unfortunately he not only had to attend school on his birthday but had state tests to take.  Exams are not an ideal way to celebrate a birthday but we tried to make up for it by letting him choose what we would eat for dinner.  He asked if we could go to Wawa to order hoagies.  Wawa is like a roadside convenience store, a rival of 7/11, and they have these little touchscreens where you can select the ingredients of a hoagie – or order other food – and then it is made up for you.  My kids are definitely small town, rural kids because they still get excited by lifts (elevators) and escalators – you would think they were fairground rides – and the technology involved in getting to construct a sandwich seems to be entertainment for them too.  They have only been allowed to do it twice before so we went with it as a birthday treat.  This meal of hoagies was then followed by a celebratory ice cream cake.  The ice cream cake did not contain bacon.



3 thoughts on “A Very Bacon Birthday

  1. Our son is 11 and like you I can hardly believe it most of the time – the years just flash past. Many happy returns – enjoy this year before the teens begin!! Seems like you have had a lot of fun birthdays recently Laura!

    • Thank you, Joy. Yes we have two birthdays within six days of each other plus we had my husband’s birthday in March and my youngest is next month. The 9 year old and I have our birthdays in Autumn though so we’ve a while to wait. One of my sisters is also an April birthday and my uncle actually turned 80 on the same day my son turned 12. April was clearly the high yield month in my family.

      We will have to compare notes on the dreaded teenage years when we get there. Judder.

      • My sister, father most of my cousins and me have our birthdays in November/December so I know what it’s like!! Advance planning required for sure. Those teenage years send a shiver up my spine too, time is just going way too fast for my liking!

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