From 7 to 8 with Oreo Cake

My third oldest son had his birthday on Wednesday, going from 7 to 8.  Back home in Scotland, his birthday always fell during the Easter break from school.  Two American birthdays in and he is still entirely miffed that he has to go to school on his birthday.  We all got up before the larks in order to all be together while he opened his presents before everyone headed out to school and work.  I have never seen my kids get out of bed so quickly on a cold, dark morning.  They practically bounded.

Just as with his father, there was plenty of geekiness in evidence with regards to the birthday gifts.  He collects ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ figures so he got a couple more of those and a Funko Pop vinyl figure of Stitch, an Islamic Art colouring book and a set of horse tattoos, cuddly raccoon and a cuddly armadillo added to his massive collection of cuddly animals.  We had to get an educational gift in there so he got a circuit building kit.  He got Spiderman and Nova Marvel Infinity figures for the video game the kids have.  He almost exploded with excitement when he unwrapped the Lego Gorilla Grod set.  His major present was a subscription to Marvel Collector Corps.  Every second month, for six months, he will get a parcel in the post that contains lots of Marvel themed goodies.  Now he gets to plague me every day asking when his first box will arrive.

He chose pizza for dinner and then it was time for the birthday cake.  This time it was an oreo cake.  It was rich and very indulgent and the kids devoured their slices.

I would say that was a massively successful birthday – despite having to go to school.



9 thoughts on “From 7 to 8 with Oreo Cake

    • Happy Birthday to your son! My oldest is going to be 12 on Tuesday and that already feels like too old already. I tell my kids they can be old wrinkly men with beards but they will still be my babies. That’s a cue for much eye-rolling.

  1. Happy birthday to him! It is a bummer to have to go to school on your birthday. My birtday used to be a big communist holiday, so we didn’t go to school on that day. Instead, we went to celebratory demonstrations. 🙂

    • Demonstrations would have held a lot of appeal to me on my birthday. My kids hold demonstrations against me on a regular basis so they would probably appeal to them too. :). Thanks for reading and commenting.

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