Decorating Eggs

It is Spring break this week.  Unfortunately, for the first half of the week three of my kids were laid low with rotten colds and then – just as we were ready to set off on a walk after days of being cooped up indoors – my oldest came down with a nasty stomach bug.  Cue another day – at least – of being hermits and a whole lot of disinfecting and bleaching.

Indoor fun it was then!  With Easter Sunday imminent, we decided to decorate some boiled eggs.  As a secular family, we can pick and mix traditions to participate in and decorating eggs is always fun.  Everyone was aiming for a more complex design so we used coloured sharpie markers rather than paint or dye.  I have been looking at all sorts of fancy, fun, interesting ways to dye and decorate eggs but ultimately the kids and I just wanted to draw all over them.

My oldest turned his egg into a penguin because penguins are his favourite and his best, to quote Charlie and Lola; my middle two boys were all about superheroes and supervillains so there was an egg version of Batman, the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Dr Evil; my youngest created a double-faced egg inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and another than was a vampire; I meanwhile saw the shape of my upturned egg and decided it had to be the Bride of Frankenstein.  We had relaxed fun illustrating our eggs.

The only downside is that the boys don’t want to part with theirs which could mean a lot of arguing over rotten, smelly eggs at some stage.





2015-04-02 12.30.55


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