The Girl with Doodles in her Hair

The Documented Life Project continues to have doodling as its over-arching theme and this week participants were encouraged to use doodling as a focal point.  The associated quotation was “Coming into Focus”. I, therefore, decided to make my whole art journal page be about the doodles.  Rather than doodles being one element among many, the whole drawing would be a mass of doodles.  Last week, I took a similar approach but in a colourful way; this week I decided to stick with monochrome.  I personally much prefer to doodle in monochrome as it helps me concentrate on creating pattern with line and shape instead of being distracted by colour and hue.

I am still intent on practicing human faces so I determined to draw a figure and to doodle in her hair and clothing.  As I have written before, I don’t zen tangle.  I am not zen or precise enough.  I do, however, find that undertaking this type of doodling is very calming.  Something about the focus required is soothing to my mind which is always otherwise racing around, planning and mentally checking off multiple lists.  So that is how I fulfilled the focus part of the prompt.  It was not about a visual focal point for me but was more about how I benefit from working in such a focused way.

This past weekend, I had my monthly art journalling MeetUp group, which is held at a coffee shop, and I took my 7 year old with me since he is getting into art journalling now too.  This drawing, therefore, was created using my travel art kit.  Instead of using India ink and a dip pen, therefore, this was done using a black gel pen.  I smudged the arm a bit, which was annoying, but otherwise the gel pen was a decent enough substitute for the ink.

Week 12 - Doodles & Focus

18 thoughts on “The Girl with Doodles in her Hair

    • Thank you, Christina. It probably took an hour and twenty minutes in total which is a very long time spent on an art journal page for me. It’s definitely therapeutic to do something so immersive. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      • I can see why. When I zentangle/doodle it takes me a while to figure out where the lines and shapes fit. I love it. You’re very welcome, Laura.

  1. My biggest downfall is that I can’t draw faces….a problem which you obviously don’t have…and that zentangling….if only I had your patience! Sigh! ;o)

    • Thanks, Mike. I have actually been needing to practice faces again. My lack of life drawing these days mean I was getting a bit rusty with drawing the human figure and faces in particular. Maybe you should set yourself a project to draw lots of faces in order to gain more confidence with them. I think zentanglers would gasp at my doodles being labelled as such as I am imprecise and non-uniform but the doodling does definitely require a bit of patience. That, however, is precisely why I enjoy it: I spend such a massive proportion of my life multi-tasking that narrowing down my focus to something like this is very calming.

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

      • Hi Laura, I have done just that and join the 100 artworks challenge.. My aim is to create 100 whimsical face paintings! I hope I have the stamina to keep it up!

      • Oh yes. I read your blog post about that but had forgotten it was faces you had committed to painting. I am contemplating joining that project too since there is no time limit / deadline involved as I understand it.

      • It would be a great way for me to practice painting and mixed media. I could make a start next week when my kids are on Spring break and my schedule, therefore, becomes more flexible.

        I trust you are going to share your 100 works of art on your blog. I hope so as I look forward to seeing them.

      • I’ve taken the plunge too. I’m going to do it. I just haven’t decided on the subject yet. I shall ponder that. I don’t want to art spam this blog so I will likely just share them on my art blog. But I’m going to commit to sharing the good, bad and ugly and make that part of my challenge too.

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