My First Tastykake

In the seventeen months since I landed on American shores, I have experienced a good few edible firsts.  There was my first munch of the legendary Girl Scout cookies, watching my kids eat Twinkies for the first (and last) time even though I think they are whipped bile, eating food from Wendy’s for the first (and last) time – all of which were entirely disappointing to my tastebuds.  On the upside, I had fun watching my kids review their Halloween candy, get to make delicious green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, have access to great diners and after over a decade’s absence from my palate I ate a whole pile of fried green tomatoes when we were in Florida in December.  Yesterday, I had another munching milestone: I tried a Tastykake donut.  Spelled “donut” rather than “doughnut”.

I actually had no awareness of Tastykake as a brand, none whatsoever, until a little over a week ago.  One of my sisters asked me if I had tried Tastykakes.  Blank.  Turns out they are a Philadelphia company who have been selling baked confections since 1914.  Over a century of flogging sugary wares and I had no idea they existed until last week.  So a bag of snack-sized Tastykake donuts was purchased and was designated as dessert last night.

So did the mini chocolate donut tickle my tastebuds and join the ranks of American foods that make me drool or did it add to my list of edible disappointments?

2015-03-12 17.51.45

I am sorry to report that the Tastykake was neither a cake nor was it tasty.  It was in the disappointing corner and I did not even have high expectations.  The cake – or kake – was dense and too chewy and the chocolate covering was not sweet or smooth enough to elevate it’s substrate.  In fairness, my mouth has not acclimated to American chocolate but this chocolate coating was definitely at the waxier end.  As disloyal as it may be to my  new locale, I cannot, therefore, see myself consuming any more Tastykake baked goods in the future.  Sorry.

22 thoughts on “My First Tastykake

  1. Hello! Haha love the pic! That’s pretty much been me all day today but with my daughter’s bribe bag (aka Milky Way stars and chocolate buttons) – needs must!! I’ve never heard of tasty cakes either but if I do come upon them, I shall be sure to avoid on your advice!! Have a great weekend! 😉

    • It is my husband’s birthday tomorrow so there will be lots of lovely things to eat I am sure. I am just about to take my kids off on a cake expedition.

      Enjoy raiding your daughter’s stash (you are saving her teeth – good mummy) and have a great weekend too.

  2. Great photo!! Never heard of these either and will take your word for it if I come across them in future – I have the same view on American chocolate. Never had fried green tomatoes either – never came across them as yet. Did you find them in Orlando?

    • Thank you, Joy. As the family photographer, I don’t appear in many photos. On this evidence, probably for the best. 😛

      The first opportunity you get you MUST try fried green tomatoes. They are a variety of tomatoes, not just under-ripe normal tomatoes, that are coated with a delicious batter and then, as the name suggests, fried. They are tomatoey but also have a citrus tang and then the batter adds a savoury saltiness. Yum! I first had them in a Southern food restuarant in Alexandria, Virginia, and have loved them ever since. They are not easy to come by in the northern states so I was fist pumping (literally) when I found them at the buffet we visited in Florida. The place we found them was around Sarasota, not too far from Orlando.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Honestly, I am not the biggest doughnut fan – not even freshly fried ones on the end of a chilly pier – so maybe they were not the best representative of the Tastykake brand for me to test. Baked goods and I shall always be friends though, don’t fear. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, reading and commenting.

  3. Ah, Tastykakes! Love them! But, I also grew up in central NJ, an hour away from Philly, so they are a commonplace product. Yes, definitely not a high end bake, but I grew up with them in my school lunch bag, so there is a nostalgia factor! Try Entemanns doughnuts! Again, not on par with Mimi’s Bakery in Edinburgh or anything, but for a grocery store doughnut, not bad. Also a local company. The devil food chocolate is the best!

  4. First let me say if you must eat a TastyKake the best ones are the Peanut Butter Tandy Cakes…that said, having a German mother and living in Germany for a while I agree with you about American chocolate, there is nothing like European Candies, cookies and cakes. Now that you live in Pennsylvania if you like Potato chips may I suggest Middlesworth – one of our favorites and even when we lived out of state would bring a supply back when we came home for visits, we even shipped them to soldiers overseas who missed them. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of the new things you try. Also you can not go wrong with Entemanns. It is worth the money!

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