Inner Space

This week’s main lesson on Life Book was taken by Jane Davenport, a mixed media artist famed for her paintings of women.  I found undertaking the lesson to be intimidating at points – I felt sure I was going to mess up at every stage – but completely enjoyable.  The lesson was essentially about using collage and carving out a figure using the negative space.  I also had the opportunity for some much needed practice at painting faces and improve a little more as a result.  I also finally cracked open my tin of inktense blocks for the wash over the hair and I love them.  I wish the collage I had created that became the hair had been a bit more random.  It was supposed to be constructed out of things that appealed to me so I had to make conscious decisions as I raked through my files of paper and ephemera which then led me to be a bit too intentional with their placement in the overall collage.  But that is the only thing I would alter if I had a do-over.  I really loved the process and am pleased with the final result.

Week 11 - Inner and Outer World - Negative Space Collage

13 thoughts on “Inner Space

    • If you saw my ugly mermaids then you will know that shading using acrylic was also a complete struggle for me. While I’ve far from perfected it, I at least feel like I’ve made a leap forward. So practice is definitely the way to go.

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