Mixed Media Feathers

There were two lessons on Life Book this week, both very different but both involving feathers.  One was a success for me; the other less so.

The main lesson was taken by Rachael Rice.  The object was to create a dimensional piece representing a dream catcher but – for a variety of diverse reasons, including not having all of the materials required – I chose to do something else.  I seem to be making a habit of going my own way with LB lessons.  I need to learn to steer a path between creating something that speaks to me, inspires me, meshes better with my style, and getting the most out of the lessons by following the instructions.  Sometimes I find that path; sometimes I don’t.  It was another valuable lesson in painting over collage.  It ended up wrinkling a little but I actually quite liked that.  I also enjoyed using the metallic paints, gold and bronze.  I am not sure it shows up in the photo but they created a nice warm shimmer.  My feathers look a bit more like leaves but I liked the technique involved in constructing them.  Having no fabric to use in my collage, I ended up using white acrylic paint to produce what are fast becoming my signature dots.  What I produced is not a disaster but it is just a bit meh.  I will definitely use the techniques I learned in future projects, however.

Week 5 - Dream Catcher

In comparison, the bonus lesson completely inspired me.  It was an Affirmation Feather tutorial taken by Tamara Laporte, the course organiser, and involved me using two new media I have never used before: Dylusions spray inks and Posca paint pens.  I loved using both of them and will definitely use both again.  My colour scheme for the piece was dictated by the few colours of ink sprays and aquarelle pens that I possess but I rather like the freshness of the lime and teal.  The colours make me think of winter melting into spring.  I am definitely looking forward to spring.  I messed up a little when adding gesso because it smudged the ink but I managed to problem-solve it and recover.  I love the whispy feather, really like how this piece ended up and really enjoyed the process of creating it.  It definitely makes a difference to me when I engage with the lesson, inspires me more and gets me producing better results.

Week 5 - Affirmation Feather

Tamara’s feather lesson was definitely my favourite so far.

11 thoughts on “Mixed Media Feathers

  1. I like them both. I love how you interpreted the dream catcher to make it your own and I love the feather, the background is full of awesomeness.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and have a great day.

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