My Jar of Awesome

One of the bonus lessons on the Life Book course was to create a decorative jar.  The idea is that the jar will fill up, over the course of the year, with little notes of achievement, celebration, happy moments, things to be grateful for so that at the conclusion of the year it becomes a celebratory record of all the positives from the year, however small each little recorded moment might be.  The lesson was actually weeks ago but I only found time this weekend to finally embark on the project, having taken a while to even find a decent sized jar.

I collaged the jar with a book page, a paper bag and magazine clippings and finished it off with washi tape, glitter tape and a tag attached with gold elastic.  My two younger sons also made jars of their own but didn’t want a photo of them shared.  Now we just need to start filling our jars with notes of our awesomeness.

Jar of Awesome 2

Jar of Awesome 1

14 thoughts on “My Jar of Awesome

    • I agree. I obviously cannot claim it is original to me. I think it has been doing the rounds of the internet and was adapted to become a Life Book lesson. One of my goals this year is to focus on my achievements and my positives a bit more so hopefully this jar will help me remember to do so. Maybe you will make a jar of your own. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  1. This lovely prompt reminds me of the authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Lamott who have written about Happiness Jars and “God’s In Box” respectively. Beautiful idea.

  2. It’s fun isn’t it! As your sons have made themselves one too you shall have to set a good example and simply force yourself to find something good in every day – and every art lesson 😉 Have fun, it’s a wonderful habit to get into, however you do it!

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