First Ever Tag

Making tags is extremely popular with mixed media artists.  Being new to mixed media, I have never made one.  The lesson in week two of Life Book, however, had making a tag as it’s outcome.  It seemed the time had come for me to make my first tag.  The tutorial was by Roben-Marie Smith, whose style I am familiar with from the Documented Life Project.  The video was easy to follow and the techniques looked simple enough.  My problem was time.

I have been playing catch-up with my art commitments and trying to find time for all the things I wanted to do was proving to be very challenging.  However, I am a control freak and am OCD about punctuality and deadlines.  Skipping lessons or getting too far behind was not sitting easily with me.  I, therefore, decided to multi-task my way through some of my art tasks so that I could use materials and media on different projects at the same time and move between pieces, for example while one was drying.  In doing so, I might have reduced my creativity and limited things such as my palette, but I got myself caught up.

The idea of the tag was to connect it to the key word each tutee has selected for the year, in my case “balance”.  The other element was to incorporate a copy of our own art work as the focal image on the tag.  Being short on time, I did not give this much thought I must admit and rather rushed it.  I knew it had to be something that worked on a small scale and something that at least did not undermine the theme of balance but I put no more thought into it than that and consequently plumped for an ink drawing of a jellyfish that I drew some years ago.  That set the colour scheme so then it was just a case of using acrylic paint, a stencil, origami paper and stamps to decorate the tag.  I confess that my tag was not really a tag; my tag was actually just a shape cut from an index card.  I finished the tag off by pleating some embroidery thread and attaching it to the tag with some beads from an old broken earring at the other end.  It was far from perfect but not bad for a rushed job and my first attempt.  I think I might use it as a bookmark in my art journal.

Week 2 - Tag

The other bonus lesson for week two was given by Tamara Laporte.  It involved creating a decorative jar to fill with notes of accomplishments, celebrations and gratitude.  That I just did not find the time for and I am not sure when I will find the time.  I have, however, made my peace with my inability to undertake that lesson on the basis that I do not have a large enough jar at the moment.  Perhaps when the hot chocolate tin has been emptied I will use that.

So a lesson in tag-making and in combating my control freakery all in one week.

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