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This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to trace the outline of your hand.  Way back in week 10 of the project – which I think was my second week of participating in the DLP – I had actually traced my hand (and stamped my finger prints) in response to the prompt to document words that describe me.  Since I had used my left hand and used words that time, I decided to use my right hand and use pictures this time.  My “me time” is severely curtailed right now because the Pict family is so incredibly busy with various commitments and projects so I kept it simple with just three colours of gel pen (black, red and green – to tie into the beginning of the festive season) and I sat and doodled while watching a movie with the Pictlings.  It’s a bit smudgy and messy as a result but it is what it is.

So here is my traced hand for Week 49 of the DLP 2014 project:

Week 49 - Trace Your Hand

For comparison, here is my hand from back in Week 10 (before I had started blogging about my creative hobbies):

Week 10 - About You

11 thoughts on “Hand Art Journal Page

    • Thank you – and thank you for visiting my blog. Yes there will be more to come. I share my learning about art journaling on this blog and I recently started up a second blog for my other art (pictink.wordpress.com). Thanks again!

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