Blue Jay

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to “sketch what you see right now”.  I envy those who have a designated creative space because  moving my stuff all over the house can be annoying, especially when I have limited time.  I happen to work at our breakfast table, which is in a corner of the kitchen where two walls are lined with windows.  That at least has the advantage of lots of natural light.  Just outside my kitchen window there is a bird feeder that gets lots of feathered visitors every day.  I love to watch them flitting about while I am cooking, cleaning or sitting in the kitchen.  On a daily basis I see blue jays, cardinals, tufted titmice, two varieties of woodpecker, chickadees and finches visiting the feeder.

When I sat at the table to sketch something, there happened to be two blue jays flying back and forth between the bird feeder, the nearby trees and the ground.  I, therefore, decided to sketch a blue jay.  I have actually only once drawn a bird from life before and that was someone’s pet parrot so this was my first time drawing a wild bird from life.  I had to move my pencil across the page at high speed and use all my observation skills because the blue jays did not stay still for long.  I then quickly washed the colours in using watercolour.  The whole watercolour sketch probably took no more than ten minutes from start to finish.  Once it was dry, I framed the drawing with some tape – largely because the page was frayed and scruffy from me working on an adjacent page – and I added in some writing about the blue jay  to fill up the white space and make it more of a journal page.

Week 43 - Sketch what you see - 2


2 thoughts on “Blue Jay

    • Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting my blog. I think you do have an arty bone in your body because there is artistry in cooking and in presenting the food you make.

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