40 Drawings in 40 Days – #12 – Satyr

It was such fun to draw a satyr so I am very glad my kids had one as an item on the challenge list they compiled.

Satyrs were actually beings that were partially horse but they were conflated with fauns in Roman usage to become half-human-half-goat.  My aversion to drawing horses meant I most definitely opted for the goat version.  I did not want to draw the meek and sensitive Mr Tumnus type of satyr which is at complete odds with what satyrs are like in the original mythology.  I wanted to try and depict the cheekiness of the satyrs.  They are ribald creatures, fond of chasing women and quaffing wine.  They were party animals.

I drew the satyr in a cocky pose, as if ready to chat up a maenad, all smarm and exuberant over-confidence.  What with his fuzzy nether-regions and more human torso, I thought the satyr might be fond of a bit of manscaping so I also gave him a groomed goatee beard and an exclamatory quaff.  The rakish, saucy smile completed the sassy look.

2014-09-12 15.14.41

Saucy Satyr


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