40 Drawings in 40 Days – #11 – Poseidon

Having already drawn Zeus and Hades, it was inevitable that Poseidon would make an appearance on the list my boys generated, the last in the trio of sons of Cronus and Rhea.

As the god of the oceans, I immediately arrived at the blue colour scheme for my drawing.  Initially I was going to draw him in his chariot, being pulled along by a hippocampus.  But, as you might recall, I am not very adept at drawing horses.  Then I thought I might swap the hippocampus for a dolphin but I could not get the proportions to work within the smaller scale I am working at.  So I decided to draw Poseidon on his own.  Much simpler.

I drew Poseidon with a long flowing beard, like one of his waves, and his trident clasped in his hands.  I then decorated his clothing – which I drew as a column, perhaps reminiscent of a herma – with simplified versions of sea creatures, all drawn with my dip pen in ultramarine ink.  In common with his brothers, Poseidon could be a right nasty piece of work so I gave him the stern eyes and the nipped mouth to make him look a bit steely cold and imply a degree of cruelty.

11b - Poseidon


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