The New Pict Home

As of noon today, Mr Pict and I are once again home owners.


In ten months, I have gone from box-fresh immigrant to home owner.  Not bad.

Mr Pict has done a sterling job of navigating the uncharted waters of the very alien US home buying system.  Goodness it is labyrinthine compared to both the English and Scottish systems.  Our realtor has had to talk us through it all like baby steps.  Even some of the language is unfamiliar.  Escrow has now been added to my vocabulary.

But we did it: we now own a house that will be our home.


Edited House

14 thoughts on “The New Pict Home

    • Thank you! It has been a steep learning curve – as if we had no adult experience at all – and we were very dependent on our realtor and lender to guide us through the process. Thankfully it has all come together and in the time scale we had hoped for. I will happily be your guide should you ever want to buy a house in Scotland – it’s a simple process there to buy as the only tough bit can be gaining mortgage approval.

  1. Yay! Congratulations! I just went through the very annoying process of buying a car. I had no idea how much paper work there was. I mean, we decided to buy the car around 1 in the after noon. The negotiations took at least an hour and then it took more hours to complete the paperwork and do everything else necessary. It was pushing 5pm by the time we left the place!

    Dear Lord, it was stressful. I felt like I ran a marathon by the end of the day. I know houses and cars are big, expensive things, but the whole process seemed tedious. Does it really have to be THAT hard?

    • Congratulations on the new car! I hear you on buying a car. It’s tedious. I lucked out this time at least since my husband bought our car here before the kids and I were in a position to emigrate so he had to do all the boring stuff alone.

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