The Blog Cast Shrinks

My parents returned to Scotland on Wednesday after a month of staying with us, exploring Pennsylvania and vacationing with us in Massachusetts and Long Island.  Using my own rules of state claiming, they managed to claim Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, which is not a bad tally for a first ever visit to America.  They also got to experience lots of new foods, the thirst-quenching joy of free refills on drinks, marvel at the extensive menus in diners, encounter new wild animals – from snakes to turtles, fireflies to whales, chipmunks to hummingbirds – and they even got to see me kill a Black Widow Spider (yes, two Black Widows have now been killed by me).  Thanks to the kindness of the sellers, my parents got to take a tour of the house we are buying.  They have now experienced Independence Day celebrations, seen a glimpse of Amish life, and visited a Civil War battlefield.

It made for a fun-filled and incredibly busy July.  Now the cast of A Pict in PA has once more shrunk to just the six of us.

And now, after all of that fun, I have to knuckle down to packing up our possessions yet again in order to move house later this month.  Time flies …

Here’s a photo of three generations of Picts taken on my parents’ last day in America.



3 thoughts on “The Blog Cast Shrinks

    • Thank you. Yes, I think they enjoyed their first experience of America. Thru especially liked the food and my Dad couldn’t get over the idea of free drinks refills. I think whale watching was the highlight of their time here though.

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