Art Journal – House

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to include a house on the page.  Since my mind is very much on houses – and specifically having a house to transform into our home – this seemed like a very apt challenge.

I am learning all sorts of new things as a result of trying to buy a house in America.  The home inspection – what in Britain we would call a survey – is a great deal more time-consuming here than it was in England and Scotland (the two countries I have previously bought houses in).  It took two hours for the home survey on the house we want to buy.  This, however, was massively reassuring.  Termites are not something we deal with at all in Britain but here they are common and the little blighters cause a lot of damage.  Thankfully they have been fairly restrained in the house we wish to buy but the present owners will need to undertake some work before we can proceed to purchase.  So the whole termite thing was new to me.  So was radon testing.  Thankfully those tests came back within safe limits.  I am not keen on the idea of a radioactive house.  Another major difference is that a different realtor (real estate agent) works on behalf of the seller and the buyer.  In the UK, real estate agents handle the sale of houses and represent the seller’s interests.  The buyer has to look after their own interests.  On the other hand, in Scotland we have solicitors (lawyers) to oversee the transaction and handle all of the paperwork and here those roles are fulfilled by the realtors.  As newbies to the whole real estate process in America, we have been very glad of the input from our realtor.

This whole “finding a home” thing then is the steepest of learning curves yet, not least because it is a major investment in our future and feels like a whole load of responsibility.

Continue to touch wood and send positive vibes into the cosmos and cross fingers.

Without further ado then this is the drawing I came up with for the DLP challenge.  I drew the whimsical sketch in just a few minutes and then added colour using watercolour and outlined in ink for definition.


I may actually track down a whale shaped weather vane if and when we secure our first American home.  I have inspired myself.

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