Mother’s Day Art Journal Page

This week’s challenge for the Documented Life Project was to “use a rubber stamp in a new way”.  My collection of rubber stamps is small and my experience with them limited.  Before I embarked on this whole art journaling thing a few months ago, my use of stamps was confined to two uses: firstly, stamping a “this book belongs to” box in each of the books I owned at University and during my teaching career in an often thwarted attempt at preventing borrowing turning into purloining; secondly, using a set of tiny Winnie the Pooh stamps to embellish my feedback on my students’ work, a practice that was rapidly replaced with me drawing animals on their work as a reward for a great piece of work or improvement.  Limited experience might have inhibited my creative thinking with regard to the challenge – and certainly my stock of stamps is minuscule – but it also gave me free reign since almost all use of stamps was new to me.

Having previously used stamps in the background of my art journal page commemorating my trip to the Poconos with Mr Pict (and fulfilling the DLP challenge about depicting a favourite pair of shoes), I decided that my new way to use the stamps would be to make them an inherent part of the image.  My personal challenge for this page was to be much looser in my application of colour and my use of line so as to move away from my usual more graphic and linear style of drawing.  I, therefore, moved the colour around the page using a baby wipe (once you are a mother you just never stop buying baby wipes as they are a useful tool in so many situations) and was much “scribblier” in my use of drawing tools.

Since this week included my first ever Mother’s Day in America – and my first ever Mother’s Day in May – I decided to commemorate that with a bouquet of flowers, a traditional gift though not one I often receive because a) I have hayfever and b) my kids love to give and I love to receive completely random things.  I collaged the plant pot using scraps of paper my 8 year old had saved for me, which seemed apt, and the stamps were used as the centres of each flower.  I then created a frame using some decorative tape.



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