A Birthday of Firsts

Yesterday my six year old became seven, the first of our children to have a birthday in America.  It was actually a birthday of other firsts too since it was also his first ever birthday on a school day (as spring break is a fortnight long in Scotland) and it was also his first ever birthday celebrated without his Daddy since Mr Pict is in San Francisco for work this week.  Sucky timing.  We did, however, have takeaway pizza on Sunday before he left since pizza is the birthday boy’s favourite dinner.


Since it was a school day birthday, we were up with the larks in order to ensure that all gifts and cards were opened before it was time to trail out the door to school.  Despite being bleary-eyed everyone bounced out of bed to watch their brother unwrap his gifts and read his cards.  The gifts were a Batman Lego set, two Iron Man figures, horse and shark modelling kits, a cuddly King Kong, a glow pet unicorn and a voucher to go for a horse riding lesson.


Ultimately he didn’t mind going to school on his birthday for the first time as the class had a little celebration (a classmate was sharing his birthday) and the janitor gave him a bounce balloon as a gift.


Birthday dinner was quesadillas followed by the Richest Cake In The Universe.  This was a sticky confection of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting, Kit Kats and M&Ms.






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