My first ever Girl Scout Cookie

For many years I have heard tell of a selection of cookies that are like crack to sweet-toothed plumpies like myself: Girl Scout cookies.  They are the stuff of legend.  Therefore, a couple of months ago when some sweet smiled little neighbour girls with sugary voices and twinkling eyes stopped by the house dealing their cookie wares, Mr Pict ordered four boxes.  He and the boys ate the peanut butter ones but I don’t care for peanut butter so left them to it.

This afternoon my kids came home hungry for snack.  In the case of the 8 year old that is because he did not eat a single morsel of his packed lunch.  I really don’t enjoy the packed lunch ordeal so I especially don’t appreciate having taken the time and effort to make it just to scrape a proportion of it into the bin at the end of each school day.  Most days he has at least eaten a little of it but today the entire packed lunch was untouched.  Thank goodness my packed lunches are just basic affairs and not those elaborate works of art that some Pinterest parents make otherwise I would be filled with volcanic rage at having to scrape that into the bin.

But I digress…My point is that the children were hungry and hungry children means crabbit children who squabble with each other and cannot concentrate on their homework – especially the 8 year old who must have been digesting himself from the insides out.  So I raked through the cupboards to see what might fulfil the role of snack and spotted the boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

I have been told that the most addictive and sublime Girl Scout cookies are thin mints so that was the box I reached for.  I doled one strip of them out between the kids but there were a couple left over.  It was my opportunity to try Girl Scout cookies for the first time.  My head trilled with a drum roll in anticipation of my first bite…


I was underwhelmed.

It was tasty enough.  It was nice.  It filled a space.

It was not the cookie of mythological proportions that I was expecting.  It was a chocolate mint cookie.  No secret ingredient.  Nothing amazing that made me want to break open the other strip and devour them.


Helps the diet though.

2 thoughts on “My first ever Girl Scout Cookie

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