For the first time in over a century, Thanksgiving is going to coincide with the first day of Hanukkah and this is the last time that will occur for quite some time to come.  This is quite the big deal around here, the collision of two big winter celebrations.

My 6 year old in particular is a tad forlorn that we are not celebrating Hannukah.  He claims every single other person in his class is celebrating Hannukah.  Biased reporting of statistics.  He essentially wants to be part of the double-dip holiday.  He would love us to have a menurkey – a menorah shaped like a turkey, invented by a 10 year old from New York city.  Tempted though I might be to buy one for posterity, to mark our first Thanksgiving in America, it is not happening.  Besides which, menurkeys are sold out.

Yesterday he came home from school begging me to make latkes.  This is a child who professes to hating all potato based foods yet he would not stop going on and on about wanting latkes.  The menurkey was not something I could accomplish but I might just give in and make some latkes.

What is fun about all of this is that the boys are being exposed to all sorts of different religions, cultures, customs and traditions in a way that they just were not, at least in any direct way, in the homogeneous town we moved here from.  So I am quite happy to be hounded for menurkeys and latkes because it means my 6 year old has absorbed information about Hanukkah and Judaism.

Maybe I should have bought a menurkey for him.

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