My first ever trip to the US was in 1995 and I have been several times since then and before relocating here but I have never, not once, eaten in a Wendy’s.  Technically I still haven’t since Mr Pict brought the food home with him when he was on a library trip with three of the boys but I have now consumed a Wendy’s product.

Fast food is mediocre anyway so the kids and I did not have high expectations and yet still those expectations were dashed.  The fries were limp and had no potato taste and the only interesting thing about the burgers was the fact they were square.  I do not eat red meat so I had a chicken burger and it was just about OK but very dry and just dull.  Our 8 year old had chicken nuggets and he liked those.  Everyone ate their food, so it wasn’t horrid, but I think food has to be better than horrid for us to spend money on it.  The limited novelty of the burgers being square just isn’t enough if flavour and texture are substandard, even by the minimal bar set by other fast food burger places.

We don’t often eat fast food anyway but I think that might have been our first and last Wendy’s meal.  

Here are some of the photos of the mini-Picts with their Wendy’s food just because I document every first experience with photos.









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