Train Ride to Philly

The Family Pict headed into Philadelphia for the day on Saturday.  As I waited for the train to arrive, I realised that this actually marked my first time on a train in America.  I have been to the US half a dozen times before moving here, but I have never once been on an overland train before (just the Washington DC and New York subways).  So obviously I had to take a photo to mark the occasion:


And here are the rest of the Pict family on the platform:


I don’t have any incisive comment to pass on the train journey other than the fact it struck me that the carriage was much more clean and comfortable than most city trains I have travelled on.  It was just a train.  But it was my first one so yay anyway.

As for the trip into the city, let’s just gloss over that.  Three little words: Tag; team; tantrums.  But here are some favourite photos from the first trip the boys and I made into Philly.






2 thoughts on “Train Ride to Philly

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